The Association called Health-Environment-Women and Development (SEFED) was created on October 10, 1999. It is recognized as a non-profit organization apolitical registered under the receipt number 1225 / MATD-SG-DAPOC-DOC at the Ministry of  Territorial Administration and Decentralization on 14 October 2005. The SEFED operates mainly in rural areas, which are pockets of poverty, misery and violation of the rights of women and children. To better coordinate its activities and be closer to its targets, SEFED has set up the headquarters of its organization in Kpalimé, Togo.

The decision-making bodies are:

A Board of Directors of five (5) members (President – Secretary – Treasurer – 2 Advisers);
Executive Coordination (Coordinator, Secretary, Accountant);
The founding members number thirty (30) and the memberships are in progress.

SEFED is open to all partners and organizations that adhere to its goals and objectives.